Friday 30 July 2010

Reading the road...literally!

There are far too many road signs! We are inundated with them, sometimes having 3 or 4 signs indicating the same hazard, sometimes within 2 metres of each other. There is a real danger of information overload for drivers and important signs being missed because of unimportant ones.

It is an important ability in learnng to drive that we learn to read the road and that includes spotting hazards ourselves rather than relying on the authorities to tell us about them. For example, do I really need to know that the road on the left contains humps for 3/4 mile? If I am clever enough to use it as a short cut, then surely I can see the humps for myself? A silly example I know but there are many, many more. 

1 comment:

  1. totally agree, I feel 90 of road signs should be removed, they do confuse, remove all signs, markings and warnings (and cameras) and make people think about their driving, get them off autopilot. its a grown trend in Germany and the Netherlands to do this and a marked decrease in accidents has been noted.