Tuesday 3 August 2010

Mobile Phones

I see so many people talking on their mobile phone whilst driving!  I've seen people sitting at green traffic lights holding up traffic whilst answering text messages.  I've even seen a guy riding a moped one handed whilst texting.  In spite of all this I believe that the law in relation to using mobiles whilst driving was ill-conceived.  What....!!!!!????  You cannot be serious?  Well, I am - and this is why.

Is there much difference between using a mobile phone, adjusting the radio, chatting, tending to the children in the back, reading, shaving, putting on makeup, eating, drinking, dozing or eyeing up the 'talent'?  All of these (and the list is not exhasutive), whilst driving, are potentially dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.  If your eyes and mind are not on the road, then you are driving carelessly.  By indulging in any of these non-driving activities, you are putting your own and other lives at risk.  Your driving licence does not give you the right to do that.  I am simply not interested in those who claim that they are as safe whilst doing those things as when they are not.  Complete and utter rubbish!  No-one can be totally single-minded when driving and it is unrealistic to expect it but to clutter the senses with more than is absolutely necessary is madness.

The law of 'careless driving' or 'without due care and attention' covers all of these and more besides.  The problem is not, and never has been, about having a suitable law in place, it is to do with applying it and ensuring that the punishment is severe enough to discourage people from doing it.  It has never been that difficult to prove careless driving - if you run into the back of someone, the results speak for themselves and certainly where a mobile phone is concerned, the technology actually makes it easier!  You can check if someone was on the phone! 

The solution, in my opinion, is easy.  If you cause any kind of traffic incident, i.e., being involved in, or causing an accident, whilst indulging in one or more of these activities then you should lose your licence until you can prove that you can drive with due care and attention.  If that necessitates having a driving test, then so be it.  If you choose to take the risk then you have to live with the consequences, whatever they may be.



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  1. Does my head in .. when we had that bad snow I was waiting at a roundabout and an artic came round the roundabout with the driver steering one handed while talking on a phone