Friday 15 April 2011

Google has lost its way

Google used to be great because you could type in your search criteria and find genuine, useful websites which appeared because they contained what you were interested in.

Now you get presented first with websites where the owner has paid for it to be presented, followed by those where the owners have manipulated the site so that it appears high up in the list, whether or not it is relevant to you. It is this last part that really annoys me. There are masses of sites which bear absolutely no relation to my search criteria but are there because someone has overloaded their webpage so that their site appears on the first page of search results.

I understand the desire of Google to make money by advertising but whereas it used to be a useful tool for navigating the web, it is now a massive advertising mechanism for the rich to exploit so they can become richer. It is a real shame that Google has departed from its original principles and an absolute disgrace that they don't do something about it.

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