Monday 2 May 2011

Never too old to learn

It is very easy to sink into the mentality that says "I know it all, I have nothing else to learn" in any area of life and none more so than driving tuition. It seems strange because, being in the 'teaching' profession you would think that we would be more aware than anyone of the dangers, but it is something against which we have to guard constantly.

It is therefore important to constantly review the way we do things and make changes where necessary. For example, things that seemed to need emphasis when I started instructing now take a lesser place because I have found that although they were an issue to me, others did not find them so. Conversely, some issues that seemed to me largely irrelevant at the beginning have now become very important. There are also issues that are important one week and less so the next. In essence the teaching process is constantly evolving, not least because every pupil is different and what one finds easy, the next will find difficult. It is my job to ensure that both find success in driving and it's what makes it so enjoyable.

In re-evaluating my perfomance and identifying how I could do things better, the input of others becomes invaluable. I listen to friends, family, past and present pupils and other instructors to get different perspectives on what works and what doesn't. I would be foolish to think that I have a monopoly on good ideas and the right way of teaching. To all those who have helped in the past, I offer my considerable thanks - please continue to be honest with me; it keeps me honest too.


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