Saturday 8 September 2012

A week of contrasts

It has been an interesting week of contrasts for me, the highs and lows(?) of being a driving instructor.

On Thursday I took a pupil, John, for test.  He passed with zero minors which, depending on the statistics you believe, only 1 in 250 or 1 in 5000 people do.  Either way, he was my 43rd pass so 1 in 43 for me is pretty good!

Conversely on Wednesday I had to tell a pupil to postpone his test, because he simply wasn't going to be ready and I was concerned about his standard of driving.  I hate delaying tests because I don't like to disappoint pupils and therefore find it difficult to do.  However, in this case I made the right call and was happy with the way that I did it.  The justification was plain and clear and ultimately I made the right decision.

I've also had a chance this week to enjoy the sunshine, have taken on a couple of new people and have some other prospects in the pipeline.  I've also ordered my new car, a brand new Citroen DS3 - arrives 1st October. 

Next week I may not be so satisfied but this week has been good!

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