Monday 15 April 2013


You know your eyesight is deteriorating when this happens!

I was with a pupil travelling along the North Cray bypass in Sidcup - it was a lovely sunny day so I had my sunglasses on rather than using the sunvisor.  I spotted a couple walking towards us on the left hand side of the road and it looked like the guy was wearing four rather large pink sausages round his neck!  I obviously had to look again because a) I have never seen sausages that big and b) I couldn't see why he would be carrying them round his neck.

As we got closer it still looked, even more, like sausages - but there was something distinctly odd about it.

As it became clearer I noticed that, in fact, it was a baby in a baby carrier facing forward.  The carrier was exactly the same colour as the guy's T shirt and the baby was wearing some kind of pink outfit.  So the arms and legs were very obvious, looking like giant sausages, but the torso was completely hidden by the baby carrier.

Now I know sometimes babies can be cuddly enough to eat, but they are not supposed to look like sausages!  That's simply unfair........or maybe I'm just obsessed with food!

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