Friday 30 July 2010

The Tesco Roundabout - dream or nightmare?

In Gillingham, the Tesco roundabout is the biggest cause of grief for motorists, learners and experienced drivers alike.  It is actually not that difficult but to the novice driver, it can appear daunting at first approach and can cause mayhem.  This is not helped by drivers who don't know how to correctly navigate the roundabout (more of this later) and the poor way that the signs on the roundabout have been arranged.  For example, on approach from Gillingham, the roadside signs state that the only lane which can be used for the M2 is the right hand lane.  However, the roadsurface signs show that both the middle and right hand lanes can be used.   How can the simple motorist be expected to know which one is right? 

In addition, exit from the Tesco superstore shows the fourth exit to go to Sittingbourne; every other sign on the roundabout shows that exit to be for Rainham.  I know it is not actually wrong but wouldn't some consistency have been nice?  I cannot understand how signs like these can be messed up in this way.

Finally, the lane markings on approach to and round the roundabout have worn away, if they were ever there in the first place.  I appreciate that the inconvenience caused whilst they are repainted would be significant, the council seem sufficiently capable of causing inconvenience to the motorist currently - I'm sure this one wouldn't be beyond them.  I won't hold my breath though!



  1. another roundabout that seems to confuse is the bridge-wood at the top of bluebell hill, if you are local its great, if not then good luck. Also why we are at it WHY do they put traffic lights on a roundabout, surely the idea of a roundabout is to keep traffic moving

  2. I would agree wholeheartedly with that Tim. I almost always get lost at the Bridgewood roundabout and end up going round it twice! And while I think about it, why do traffic planners insist on creating these roundabouts (like the Bridgewood) with another half roundabout stuck on them? Madness!

  3. i am a learner driver i faild becaus of this roundabout it confusen for me why do they expect learner drivers 2 pass - the test if this roundabout is a problum it not fair

    1. can any one till us why do they bring a.l.drivers for the test on these confusing-roundabouts,,anyway-not right it-mad-and waste-of money.

  4. as a learner driver I am a good driver i am sure there makeing it very hard now 4 us 2 pass the driving test and I also read= about-this Tescos.roundabout all drivers - are saying what a it is for new drivers also so why do they bring learner drivers-hear in the first place people.should Complain about it

  5. well the new layout. 6 time happen to me. correct me wrong, coming from hoath way to the round about board says left lane and middle lane is for Gillingham the third lane is for twydall and rainham. Gillingham driver/ middle lane stop horning and get in third lane, has you come from hoath way to the round about. left and middle lane is only from Gillingham.