Saturday 7 April 2012

How to stop people speeding...

I have a real problem with speeding!  Speed can be a killer; of this there is absolutely no doubt.  But as humans, we constantly engage in activities that have an element of danger.  The problem with the speeding motorist is that they are not only endangering themselves but other road users as well.

So the authorities attempt to reduce this risk by attempting to enforce speed limits through such mechansims as speed limits, cameras and 'speed reduction methods' (humps to you and me!).  Any such techniques are only ever going to be partially successful.  Everyone has seen drivers who slow down on the approach to a speed camera (sometimes lower than the limit) and then speed up against once they are past it.  To a lesser degree people do the same between speed humps.

Solving the problem of speeding is easy.  Get rid of all the static speed cameras or stop painting them yellow and hide them from sight.  Issue a decree at Government level as follows:-  "Please note that as from today all speed limits are mandatory and absolute.  If you are caught speeding, you will automatically receive a considerable fine and points on your licence.  There will be no mitigation and no excuses.  If you decide to flout the law and are caught, you will receive the punishment, regardless of circumstances."  Then employ mobile speed camera vans and allow them to park anywhere to catch speeding motorists.  Fines should vary depending on the type of vehicle, the excess speed and any previous convictions.  Multiple repeat offenders and non-payers should have their cars confiscated and crushed.

There would be uproar but I am utterly convinced that this would see a general lowering of speeds right across the country.  If drivers simply didn't know where or when their speed was likely to be checked they would be more inclined to stick to the limits.  A few high fines, signficant bans and cars crushed would soon convince the general public that enough is enough and speeding is no longer acceptable.

Hark, what's that I hear?  The 'Human Rights' brigade bleating loudly about their rights being ignored by the Government being surreptitious and harsh.  Well, tough.  The law is the law and it is about time the Government stopped pandering to the speeding minority and did what is indisputably right!

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  1. This is the only way to stop speeding drivers....only if a driver is afraid of losing his license and speeding will lead to its suspension I'm sure that driver won't speed as he was used to .....
    I'm sure such a law would reduce the number of speeding tickets Toronto and not only....everywhere the roads will be safer because drivers will be afraid to speed as they used to.