Tuesday 19 April 2011


I have been driving for the last 33 years and thought I had seen every example of idiots behind the wheel. I was wrong! Earlier this evening driving through Suburbia I was aware of an ambulance on an emergency call behind me. There was quite a bit of traffic and so I took the first available opportunity to move to one side as did everyone else.

When the ambulance passed me I did the usual of trying to move back out into the line of traffic, maintaining position, as did everybody else. Fortunately I had my wits about me because there was a mini tailgating the ambulance! Travelling at high speed overtaking all the traffic which had given way to the ambulance completely ignoring other drivers.

She stopped about half a mile further on at some traffic lights and when I passed her to turn right she was busy looking pretty and lighting a fag. I must admit that I was absolutely livid and nearly wound the window down and gave her a mouth full of abuse. Had I still been a police officer I would have subjected her to every possible vehicle check and lectured her on the crass, stupid and downright dangerous behaviour that she had just demonstrated.


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